Always…Learn New Tech

Today, July 31, is Harry Potter’s birthday. So…of course, I have to post an HP themed #Techfirmation. This one is dedicated to everyone’s favorite good baddie, Professor Snape.

My Neighbor Techtoro

Summertime means more time to watch Studio Ghibli movies at the Alton household.  My personal favorites are “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “My Neighbor Totoro,” while the kids are especially partial to “Castle in the Sky,” “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind,” and “Spirited Away.”  Seriously though, there’s just not a bad Ghibli.  But…getting back […]

We’re Telling You the Odds

We’re geeks.  (You probably already know that by now.)  So naturally…we HAD to be at the opening night of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” last week.  Wild banthas couldn’t have dragged us away. And while Han Solo is famous for never wanting to know the odds, we here at Flannel Creative, want to lay this […]

I Am One With the Mouse

We’re total geeks, so today, on May the 4th, 2018, you know we HAVE to post a Star Wars related techfirmation.  The Geek Code requires it, and the Force wills it to be so.  Which Star Wars movie are we referencing this time?  Look here if you’re not sure.