Creative Speak: Project Pinterest Boards

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How can you show me what you like?  What your tastes are?  That style you're thinking of?  I'm just going to have to tell you to stick 'em up and give me all your pins...on a Pinterest board, that is.  

I recently had a chance to be on a call with Erin Garcia, a fantastic business coach for women, and Crystal Hollman, a gifted business photographer.  Both of these savvy ladies regularly use Pinterest boards with their clients and reminded me what a great way they are for everyone involved in a project to get clear on visual project elements.  Shared Pinterest boards allow you to easily communicate some of those more esoteric preferences with someone doing a creative project with you; you can actually SHOW your designer your creative project inspirations.

But let me give you a few tips for happy project pinning. 

First of all, a bit of organization goes a long way in the clarity department.  So it might be in everyone's best interest to have several boards for a project.  For instance, for a website project, you might want to create different boards for layouts, image styles, fonts, etc. that you like.  This keeps everything easy to manage and understand.

Second, if you're going to pin something, be specific.  Take the time to type exactly why you pinned that item.  What did you like about it?  What did you not like about it?  What would you change?

And third, remember that Pinterest boards are for inspiration.  Although you may have pinned something that you LOVE, it's possible that your designer will have some reasons why that particular thing is NOT a good idea for you and your particular business.  So yes, have inspiration!  Like what you like! But listen to and consider the wisdom of your designer friend.  And what often happens in the back and forth between you and your designer is that you mutually come to something even better in the end than the original inspiration a win for everyone!

I wish you many happy pins!  Perhaps the next time you have a creative project in the works, a bit of time pinning might actually save you time in the end and bring you a better result.