Brand Creation

Are you just starting out on a new business adventure? Then our Brand Creation Program is for you. This program can be done with or without brand images, so if you have a graphic designer you like to work with, that’s great! Just get us the materials we need. If you’d like us to do your brand images, we’d be happy to do that for you.


How It Works

Brand Images (if needed):

– Brand colors
– A logo
– Branded image templates

Basic Website:

– Acquiring a domain name
– Setting up hosting
– Setting up a WordPress theme and necessary plugins OR a Squarespace template and necessary settings
– Making the visual design congruent with your branding
– Pages of your choice (you provide the material)

Online Communications:

– Social media setup
– Blog setup (on your website)
– Email marketing setup (through MailChimp)

First, we discuss your business and how you want to visually represent it. If you don’t already have a logo and color palette, we create 3 custom palettes and 3 initial logo designs for you to choose from. We’ll make necessary revisions, and then create branded images for you once things are set. Now you have an online look.

Next, we talk to you about what you want to put on your new business website. We get to work creating that website through WordPress. You provide us with the needed text and graphics, and through digital magic, we make them appear on your website. Necessary revisions are made, and voilà, your business has an online home.

Finally, we also figure out what your online communication needs are. We set up the best social media platforms for you, add and format a blog page on your WordPress site so you can write down and share your wonderful thoughts, and set up email marketing so you can send out newsletters to your business contacts. Now you have an online voice.

And as with all Flannel Creative projects, you get to choose your collaboration level.

All projects with Flannel Creative start out with a Mind Meld Meeting.

For information on our project pricing system, visit our pricing page.

We offer education on how to use what we create for you as a Make Friends with Your Flannel Creative Product add-on.  If you'd like us to create your website text for you, we also offer a Wordcrafting add-on.

If you're curious about the agreement you would sign for our services, click here to view a sample.

Mind Meld

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