Online Publishing Delivery

Are you writing a book? That makes you one cool cat in our book. We’d love to help you publish your work online and skip the traditional publishing hassle.


How It Works


– Designing the look and feel
– Designing the structure
– Setting up the look/feel and structure
– Inputting your content
– Formatting your book for distribution

– An eBook cover
– An ISBN number
– Distribution of your work through the Amazon Kindle Store or Apple Books

We discuss your eBook intentions and outline a wordy experience for your readers. We format your book how you want it. We then prepare your book for distribution through the Amazon Kindle Store or Apple books. So basically, we can take your text, perform some publishing prestidigitation, and give you back a polished eBook to send out into the world. eBook design and production services can be purchased separately or together so you can complete the distribution process for yourself or we can do it for you.

And as with all Flannel Creative projects, you get to choose your collaboration level.

All projects with Flannel Creative start out with a Mind Meld Meeting.

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We offer education on how to use what we create for you as a Make Friends with Your Flannel Creative Product add-on.

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