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Do you have a great idea for a product but need some assistance getting it out of the idea stage and into reality? No idea left in the idea stage can improve your business, so let’s collaborate to make it real. We can work with you to take your idea and form it into words, video, and audio so you can share it with your clients. We’re like a product genie. Tell us your wish that we may grant it.


Online Course

How It Works


– Designing the look and feel of your course
– Designing the structure of your course
– Setting up your content distribution method
– Creating the look, feel, and structure of your course in your chosen distribution system


– Creating needed content
– Inputting the content

We meet with you to discuss your online course vision and outline a learning experience for your customers. You give us any needed raw video, audio, graphic, and/or text materials, and we edit them nicely. We then create other needed materials for the learning experience. We take all the pieces and assemble them into a complete course in your chosen distribution method (Teachable, Thinkific, Ruzuku, etc.). So basically, we can take your rough materials, perform some courseware conjuring, and give you back a polished product with which you can teach the world. Course design and production services can be purchased separately or together.

And as with all Flannel Creative projects, you get to choose your collaboration level.

All projects with Flannel Creative start out with a Mind Meld Meeting.

For information on our project pricing system, visit our pricing page.

We offer education on how to use what we create for you as a Make Friends with Your Flannel Creative Product add-on.  If you'd like us to help you create your course text, we also offer a Wordcrafting add-on.

If you're curious about the agreement you would sign for our services, click here to view a sample.

Mind Meld

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