Creative Speak: What Font?

Psssst.  I’ve got a font secret to tell you.  If you’ve ever seen a font that you liked and wondered what it is, I can tell you a way to find out. The smart people at have created a free service called “WhattheFont” that allows you to upload an image to their site or […]

Creative Speak: Music Love

It’s February: LOVE month!  And today, I want to talk about a way to show yourself some love while you work. A while back, I read about a service that would analyze you to find the right type of music for maximizing your focus and productivity.  And while I didn’t want to pay for the […]

Creative Speak: Year-End Reflection Part 2

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how was 2018? Let me CONTINUE to recall… (This post is part 2 of my year-end reflection posts.  For part 1, go here.) Did you make use of video/audio materials in your business this year? Good job if you did!  You are officially au courant. And if you didn’t, that’s […]

Creative Speak: Year-End Reflection Part 1

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how was 2018? Let me recall… I believe in the power of reflection to give us creative guidance, and taking some reflection time at the end of the old year and beginning of the new can be ever so helpful in celebrating the good (which is so important!) and clarifying […]

Web vs. Print Basics: File Types

I’ve saved file types for last in the web vs. print basics series for a reason: things are not as cut and dry in this category as they are in dimensions, resolution, or colors.  But there are some general principles to understand about which file types work best where, and that’s what I’m focusing on […]

Web vs. Print Basics: Color

A color is a color whether it’s online or offline, right?  Well, not quite.  In fact, would you believe that web and print projects actually use entirely different color systems?  Come dive into the color pool with me today to learn the basics of color for web and print projects. Web We’ll start with those […]

Web vs. Print Basics: Resolution

In the Web vs. Print Basics series we are now on the topic of image resolution.  It’s probably a term that you’ve heard before but might not be able to quite pin down with a definition off the top of your head.  That’s OK.  Wikipedia’s got your back: Image resolution is the detail an image holds. […]

Web vs. Print Basics: Dimensions

I’ve had the opportunity to work on several projects for print lately.  These projects got me thinking about the differences between web and print products and what it would be helpful for someone working with a designer to know about the differences.  So prepare yourself to learn in this series about online and offline creative […]

Creative Speak: Free Color Picker

Today, I want to show you a color picker tool you never knew you had. Learn how to easily get a HEX color code from the Internet with Google Chrome. I originally read about this feature here. And you can read more than you ever wanted to know about color codes here.

Vector Graphics

Creative Speak: Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are magical.  Hey, I’m serious!  Have you ever tried to enlarge a graphic, and it started to look grainy or pixelated?  That’s because it wasn’t a magical vector.  Let’s talk about the vector magic and why it matters. Vector graphics use magical math (that I don’t claim to understand) to represent an image.  […]