Creative Speak: Free Color Picker

Today, I want to show you a color picker tool you never knew you had. Learn how to easily get a HEX color code from the Internet with Google Chrome. I originally read about this feature here. And you can read more than you ever wanted to know about color codes here.

Vector Graphics

Creative Speak: Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are magical.  Hey, I’m serious!  Have you ever tried to enlarge a graphic, and it started to look grainy or pixelated?  That’s because it wasn’t a magical vector.  Let’s talk about the vector magic and why it matters. Vector graphics use magical math (that I don’t claim to understand) to represent an image.  […]

Creative Speak: Storyboarding

Storyboarding.  It’s a technique in the film industry where the filmmakers use still images to conceptualize and plan out a movie before filming.  A storyboard ends up looking a bit like a comic book version of a movie, and it allows the filmmakers to practice telling the story before they ever attempt to tell the […]

Creative Speak: Project Pinterest Boards

How can you show me what you like?  What your tastes are?  That style you’re thinking of?  I’m just going to have to tell you to stick ’em up and give me all your pins…on a Pinterest board, that is.   I recently had a chance to be on a call with Erin Garcia, a fantastic […]