Geek Speak: WordPress Post Scheduling

November has begun, and we are now firmly in the holiday season.  As the holidays often involve going over the river and through the woods to visit family, I’d love to give you a tip on how to schedule your blog posts in advance with your WordPress website.  That way it won’t matter if the […]

Tech Trick Treat

Trick AND Treat

I hope you let tech be a trick AND a treat for you and your small business.  Happy Halloween 2018 from Flannel Creative!  And may you enjoy your favorite candies from your kids’ trick-or-treat stash.  At our house, there’s an Almond Joy tax.  Yum!

Vacation Techie Checklist

Summertime…and the living isn’t always easy when you’re a small business owner who wants to go on vacation.  So in an effort to make getting out the door to your summer adventures a bit easier, here’s a little checklist of techie items to think about. Turn Off Your Computer I know, I know.  This is […]

Technophobe: Tech Brain Reframe, Holiday Style

If you’re a bit of a technophobe, this post is for you.  I’m exploring some tech brain reframing through the lens of the holidays.  Maybe it sounds a little weird, but in the good will and spirit of the season, just roll with it, m’kay?!   Halloween: It’s the season of scream.  This holiday is […]