Tech Trick Treat

Trick AND Treat

I hope you let tech be a trick AND a treat for you and your small business.  Happy Halloween 2018 from Flannel Creative!  And may you enjoy your favorite candies from your kids’ trick-or-treat stash.  At our house, there’s an Almond Joy tax.  Yum!

It’s For Fun

Recently, one of my boys was home sick from school so, of course, we had to watch this movie to make him feel better.  If you’re a ten year old boy, it’s pretty dang hilarious.  (Okay, okay.  I admit it.  I laugh just as hard as the 10 year old.) And then, of course, there […]

Just Keep Learning

The kids are back in school now, so I have the topic of learning on the brain.  And while I’m happy to not have to get up and go to school every day (even though I do get up and make lunches for those sad, sleepy souls at my house who are heading to school), […]

Always…Learn New Tech

Today, July 31, is Harry Potter’s birthday. So…of course, I have to post an HP themed #Techfirmation. This one is dedicated to everyone’s favorite good baddie, Professor Snape.