Techtroductions: Crello

In this techtroduction, I’d love to introduce you to a great design tool for making animated posts and ebooks.  Meet Recorded as a Facebook Live on 11-9-18.

Techtroductions: Canva

Today’s techtroduction is Canva.  Get started making graphics for your business with your own free Canva account at Also, we’re trying out doing Techtroductions as Facebook Live videos.  So this techtroduction is not a more polished product–it was recorded with all the fun and foibles of live video.  So, um, just ignore that ringing phone, […]

Techtroductions: SignRequest

Behold!  Another new series of posts: the Techtroductions.  Get a glimpse into a tech tool that might be helpful to you in your business.  It’s like tech speed dating.  This time, we’re looking at a service called SignRequest.  Let’s get techy!