Making Websites

This is how websites are made.  Did you know?  Okay, maybe not every website creator is so lucky as to have a shoulder cat overlord…I mean, overseer.  But I am.

Project Spotlight: Kami Orange Video and Audio

Today, I’m excited to introduce the projects I have been doing for Kami Orange.  Kami is a Practical Intuitive Coach who helps people understand their spiritual gifts, connect to their GUHP (God-Universe-Higher Power) more fully, and be light workers here on the planet.    Kami runs her own membership library of video materials and has […]

Project Spotlight: Nicole Pavlik Website and Print Materials

In this project spotlight, I’m highlighting the work I’ve done with Nicole Pavlik.  Nicole is an estate planning, business planning, and probate attorney in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her catchphrase is “Not your average attorney,” and as I’ve worked with her, it has been a pleasure to see how Nicole really cares about her clients and works […]

Project Spotlight: Erin Garcia Testimonial Videos

Today, I want to spotlight an enjoyable project I’ve been doing for Erin Garcia of  Erin is a down-to-earth but fun business coach for women who are starting or growing their own service-based businesses.  I can HIGHLY recommend her because she is the business brain who helped me start Flannel Creative.   And it has […]

Use Both Brains

“Both Brains” may sound like a villain from a Batman comic book, but I promise I’m not talking about Gotham city is this video.  This is the 4th and final installment in my series of FB Lives about why I do what I do. To view other posts in this series, go here, here, and […]

Always Learning Something New

Believe it or not, I can actually enjoy saying the words “I don’t know” to clients… Let me explain what I mean with reason #3 in my Facebook Live series for why I do what I do. To view other posts in this series, go here, here, and here.

I Help You

Installment #2 from my current FB live video series that I’m doing.  This reason started a long time ago in a childhood far away… To view other posts in this series, go here, here, and here.

To Touch a Dream

Find out why I do what I do from my current FB live video series that I’m doing.  And bonus…see me in all my goofy glory. To view other posts in this series, go here, here, and here.

Website Creation Coaching Programs

Guess what, good reader?!?!  We’ve just launched 2 new programs this week, and we’d love to give you the scoop.  So here’s our little news blast…READ ALL ABOUT IT! Allow us to introduce our shiny new, website creation coaching programs, one for WordPress and one for Squarespace. These programs are perfect for people who have always […]

Why does every client start with a Mind Meld Meeting?

It may seem like quite an investment at $150 to have us look at your project. However, we want you to understand what you are getting for ONLY $150 from us when we go all Spock on your behalf. We don’t just give your proposed project a quick look over and throw out a number […]