Vacation Techie Checklist

Categories: Holiday

Summertime...and the living isn’t always easy when you’re a small business owner who wants to go on vacation.  So in an effort to make getting out the door to your summer adventures a bit easier, here’s a little checklist of techie items to think about.

Turn Off Your Computer

I know, I know.  This is a no-brainer, right?  But so many of us leave our computers running these days, and when your screen goes to sleep, it can be just a little too easy to leave a computer running without realizing it.  And computers that run for weeks without being shut off tend to get kind of unhappy with their users. #whencomputerainthappy #aintnosmallbusinesshappy

Website Updates

It’s best to do these a few days before you go just in case you have any issues.  But once they’re done and you’ve checked to see that your website is humming along properly, you’ll be able to know that you can leave and have WordPress pressing, your theme theming, your backup plugin backing, etc.  And make sure to check when you get back for more updates.

Schedule Content

Get your blog posts and social media content scheduled to go out automatically while you’re off having fun somewhere.  Even if you don’t have a social media scheduling service, WordPress and Facebook at least make it easy to manually set a day and time for posts you create to be published.

Have Your Passwords

In case there are any problems that you need to deal with while you are away, it’s a great idea to have a password keeper of some kind so you can access any needed account no matter where you are.  Google even has a free one for its users. So unless you’ve got such a photographic memory that you never forget a password (ahem....that would definitely not be me), a password keeper has your back.

Set an Email Automatic Responder

If you’d like, email services can send an automated reply to incoming emails to let people know that you are not at work and when to expect you back.  This way you don’t have anyone wondering why you so rudely did not reply to their email while you were enjoying a well-earned break.

Notify Clients

Make sure to let your current clients know when you’ll be unavailable.  But please check that you use your email service's BCC feature (blind carbon copy) if you are sending out a single email to multiple clients.  That way you avoid the embarrassing not-on-purpose sharing of email addresses. And bonus courtesy points for checking with clients about what they might need from you before you go. It’s also a good idea to let any potential clients you’ve recently been in touch with know your plans, too.

Block Out Your Scheduling Service

If you use a scheduling service, like Acuity Scheduling, make sure to go block off your vacation time over there.  You don’t want  to worry about clients trying to schedule time with you while you are horribly busy wiggling your toes in the sand and watching the waves roll in.


All rightey!  Your techie details are covered.  Now go get your packing done and have some fun!