Website Creation Coaching Programs

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Guess what, good reader?!?!  We've just launched 2 new programs this week, and we'd love to give you the scoop.  So here's our little news blast...READ ALL ABOUT IT!


Allow us to introduce our shiny new, website creation coaching programs, one for WordPress and one for Squarespace.


These programs are perfect for people who have always wanted to learn how to make a website, have multiple website projects in mind and want to be able to build them themselves in the future, or have more time available than money and would like to lessen their costs for a website build.


We can start right away!  And the program takes about a month start to finish.


From the comfort of your own home and computer, you, yes you, can learn to build your own website.


These programs allow you to gain valuable website building knowledge and save yourself $$$.  Plus, website building can actually be fun.  AND there's always that awesome feeling you get when you look at your website and think, "BOOM!  I made that!"


If you'd like to know more about how the program works, hop on over to to find out all the details.