Why does every client start with a Mind Meld Meeting?

It may seem like quite an investment at $150 to have us look at your project. However, we want you to understand what you are getting for ONLY $150 from us when we go all Spock on your behalf.

We don’t just give your proposed project a quick look over and throw out a number to you. We will actually spend time analyzing your possible project and looking at what others in your industry are doing. We will work with you to think through the decisions you would need to make for your proposed project and what the steps to completion would be. You will walk away from this interaction with us with a project plan. If you decide to continue working with us, we will be ready to confidently say “Engage!” in our best Jean-Luc Picard impersonations. And if you don’t decide to continue with us, you'll have a project plan to take to a person you do decide to work with. We really do want you and your project to live long and prosper in whatever way is best.


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